Case Study: An Over-sized Screen

Some people will tell you they work best under pressure – at Rainier, we do some of our best work when our clients’ requests challenge our capabilities. Our most recent challenge was this over-sized screen for a residence in Tacoma.


The customer wanted sun and wind protecting for her large patio opening. However, at 28 feet wide and with a 10 foot drop, it exceeded the standard width for our SRS retention screens by three feet!

We’ve worked around this for previous projects by adding a support beam to the middle, or installing two screens side-by-side. Our customer didn’t want to break up the large opening of her patio – and who could blame her?! She has a beautiful view facing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

To satisfy our client’s needs on this project, we used our largest Series 5 screen housing and built a custom roller-support cradle to support the length.

The customer was thrilled with the overall results. The screen fit her house perfectly – especially with the dark gray fabric and custom dark gray powder coat color, which blends seamlessly in to the look of the home. Speaking of seamless, we made the fabric panel with no seams, so she has no obstructions of the view.

Here are pictures of the finished product, which includes a smaller screen for the kitchen window.