Rainier Screens to the Rescue in Hawaii

When air conditioning isn’t enough, lower your screens!

In the Pacific Northwest, it’s hard for us to grasp the concept of “too hot for air conditioning”, but this was a major issue for a customer in Hawaii.

In their office space, heat coming in from the windows made adjacent work spaces uncomfortably warm for employees. The only relief came from closed blinds and having the air-conditioning on full blast. This solution, however, was far from ideal. With their blinds closed they lost natural light, and with the air conditioning set on high, not only did they suffer from high energy costs, but now the work spaces near the center of the office (farther from the windows) had become uncomfortably cool.

After the installation of Rainier exterior screens, the customer reported a significant decrease in heat from the windows. They were able to run their air conditioning unit at a reasonable level, and maintain an evenly comfortable temperature throughout the space. What’s more, their office regained natural light and their views from the windows (these had previously been obstructed by the closed blinds), which reportedly led to an observable improvement in overall employee morale.

Saving space, energy, and of course sweat, Rainier screens were able to bring a bit more tropical paradise back into this work environment.