Considering Roof Mount Awnings?

A low roofline doesn’t mean that you can’t enhance your home with a retractable awning! Our roof mount option gives you the ability to shade your deck with plenty of clearance for the retractable awning. Installing an awning over your patio or outdoor entertainment area is a great way to extend your living area. Rainier Shade’s Retractable Awnings are custom-made to fit your unique style and complement your home’s architectural elements.


Did you know that awnings can even reduce your need for cooling energy? Our extensive capabilities provide endless options for awning measurements, colors, and textures.  For example, awnings work in conjunction with your air conditioner. When you reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, you can also reduce the amount of air conditioning used. Check out our Retractable Awnings page to learn more.

There are several reasons to choose Rainier Shade for your custom awning needs. Here are a few:

  • Rainier Shade manufactures all the components of its awnings in-house, except for motors and fabric.
  • All assembly takes place in the U.S. including metal fabrication, fabric welding and sewing, powder coating, and quality assurance.
  • Rainier Awnings come in widths from X to X with projections from X to X. We offer sixteen standard powder coat colors and custom colors for our metal components.
  • We offer over 200 fabric options


Will this cause a leak in my roof?

The roof mount awning is engineered to ensure that your roof will not leak. We do ask that you use proper water coverage practices while your awning is extended.

What is the spacing threshold?

Our engineering team has developed a 3-4” distance from your awning to your roof. If you’re worried about rain entering your patio space, we offer a customizable hood (cover) to fill that space.

What is the wind load?

A common piece of advice that we provide our customers is, if it’s too windy for you to be outside, then it’s too windy for your awning. However, our shade products have sensors that make the awning retract if it senses that the wind is too much.

Any zoning issues with neighbors?

Our employees will provide the best advice regarding your awning size, during your free consultation with the Rainier Shade sales team. Most customers tend to refrain from extending their awning over their property line.