Protection From UV Rays

Want to preserve the healthy glow of your interior furnishings and your skin?

You could always try living in a cave, but a more practical solution is to lower your screens!

It’s a common misconception that window glass will block out damaging UV rays from the sun. This is only half true. Standard window glass blocks the majority of UVB rays, the shorter wavelength rays that are mostly responsible for sunburns.

However, windows alone cannot protect you from UVA rays. These are the longer wavelength rays that are primarily responsible for premature skin aging and can cause cancer.

Also, more obvious than skin damage, is the affect UV rays can have on your interior furnishings. The sun can quickly fade pigment in your furniture, flooring, drapery, etc.

And the best thing about UV protection from screens? You won’t lose your view, or the natural light from the sun. (Also, no greasy sunscreen hands!)